HKERA-APERA International Conference 2023

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If you have any other paper(s) accepted, please provide the information of the paper(s) in the box. (including (a) Acceptance code; (b) Title; (c) Abstract; and (d) List of authors and their information).
You may also state any special need or request that you would like us to consider (e.g. presentation time scheduling, technical support, etc.).
如你還有其他論文獲接納, 請在空格內提供論文的資料 (包括 (a) 接納通知編碼, (b) 題目; (c) 摘要; 以及 (d) 論文中的其他作者及其資料)。
若有任何特別請求或需要 (如發表時間安排,技術支援等等),亦請記在空格內。

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(Registration will also cover one-year individual HKERA membership and the two pre-conference workshops 費用已包括一年香港教育研究學會會籍及兩場會議前工作坊之費用)

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VI: Personal Information Collection Statement 收集個人資料聲明

The personal information collected will be kept confidential and only be used for updating the registration database and organizing the HKERA-APERA International Conference 2023. The Organizer may use such data for administrative and communication purposes. Applications for amendment of personal data can be made in writing via email to
本會議將以保密的方式處理所收集的個人資料,並僅用於組織香港教育研究學會暨亞太教育研究學會2023國際會議及更新註冊紀錄。主辦單位就收集的個人資料將作行政和聯絡之用,倘若您希望更改個人資料,請透過電郵( 提出書面申請。