Wellness, Engagement and Futures of Education
in Post-Pandemic Societies:
Global Perspectives and Local Initiatives
8-10 December 2023
6th – 7th December 2023 Pre-Conference Activities


The HKERA-APERA International Conference 2023 is an important occasion for educational researchers and practitioners to co-construct, advance and transfer knowledge about education and education-related studies in the Asia Pacific and beyond. This Conference will facilitate a stimulating and vibrant international meeting. The three-day place-based event offers an opportunity for researchers, scholars, early career colleagues, policymakers, school leaders, practitioners, research students and all other participants to:
  • present their works and/or to discuss the latest development of education
  • build a professional community of researchers and practitioners
  • support early career scholars and research students for professional and academic development
  • connect with potential collaborators, publishers or funders
  • network with both like-minded and non-minded friends and colleagues
  • broaden research horizons and discover new collaboration opportunities
  • sharpen intellectual sensitivity and deepen professional commitment
As suggested by this year’s theme, our Conference provides ample opportunities for representatives from international societies to engage in dialogues and exchanges on some of the current and pressing issues in education, including (but not restricted to): wellness, engagement, futures of education, social and emotional learning, interculturalism and multiculturalism, inclusive and equity education, gender identity and education policy, early years to post-secondary education, value, civic and life education, and the roles of school leaders and teachers in the post-pandemic educational landscape.

This year, we are very honoured to have invited four leading global voices in education as our keynote speakers at the Conference – Professor Emeritus Letitia Fickel, Professor Ingrid Gogolin, Professor Moosung Lee, and Professor Daniel Shek (in alphabetical order).


This year, we focus on Wellness, Engagement and Futures of Education in Post-Pandemic Societies: Global Perspectives and Local Initiatives. We welcome paper presentations and symposia related to any of the following sub-themes:
  • Wellness and Educational Engagement
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Futures of Education
  • Education for Sustainability
  • Education Policy Studies and Evidence-based Reform
  • Educational Equality, Social Justice and Critical Pedagogies
  • Inclusion, Minority Studies and Interculturality
  • Leadership, Administration and Teacher Development
  • K–12 & Post-Secondary Education
  • Language Education
  • Value and Citizenship Education
  • International Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Standards, Assessment and Instructional Science
  • AI, STEM, STEAM in Education
  • Health and Sports Sciences

The Hong Kong Educational Research Association (HKERA)
The Asia Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
    Faculty of Education
    Department of Educational Administration and Policy
    Centre for University and School Partnership
    Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research
    Hong Kong Centre for the Development of Educational Leadership
Conference Organizing Committee

Alan C. K. CHEUNG, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Celeste Y. M. YUEN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Members: (In alphabetical order)
Sam S. K. CHEUNG, The Education University of Hong Kong
A. Lin GOODWIN, Boston College
Winnie W. M. SO, The Education University of Hong Kong
David SORRELL, Independent Education Consultant
Hayes H. H. TANG, The Education University of Hong Kong
Gordon C. P. TSUI, The University of Hong Kong
Tracy X. ZOU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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